From Drab to Fab | Revamp Old Hair into Twist and Curl

Looking for a quick & easy style this week? A Twist & Curl is your answer. This is my go-to when I need to refresh my hair with a style that doesn’t take years to dry. All you need is your favorite twisting cream, oil, spray bottle, and perm rods. Check out how I do this twist and curl to revamp my old natural hair. Let’s go!


P.S. I started this style on a 6 day old twist-out

Step 1

Section Hair into 4’s for easy detangling and twisting

Step 2

Divide sections into 2 smaller sections to begin twisting process. Sections should be big enough for a medium sized chunky twist or whatever size you prefer.

(The bigger twist the more volume, the smaller the more defined)

Step 3

Lightly dampen hair to reactivate products from previous style and finger detangled

Add fave twisting cream and apply to hair. Focus on your ends, girl.

I used Mielle Organics Pomegranate and Honey Twisting Souffle

(This product is intended for 4c hair but I still use it anyway. I am more of the 3b/3c range.

Let me add that it smells amazing and has great hold. You’ll see what I mean soon. I love the whole line! )


Step 4

Two-strand twist hair until you reach your ends. Proceed to twist hair all around your head.

I ended up having about 10 or 12 twist.

Step 5

Get those perm rods out! For this to a be twist and curl, you have to have your ends curled. Duh!

If you’re blessed you can just fingercurl your ends or if you’re like me you’ll need a perm rod. Place the perm rod on your ends & roll and wrap it about 1 inch up (or a little less, lol.)

Tip: Smaller perm rods give the best curl for this type of style. The higher you roll your hair, the more shrinkage and bounce you’ll have.

Step 6

After you’re done twisting and rolling, throw your fave bonnet or scarf on and sleep!

Let those twist marinate overnight.

Mane Style Blog Natural Hair

Step 7

It’s morning and it’s time to unravel those twist. Grab your fave oil and place it on the tips of your fingers.

I used Argan Oil

A light oil is the key to keeping frizz down to a min when styling.

Step 8

Unravel the perm rods and begin to untwist

Gently unravel each twist making sure to not interrupt the curl at the bottom

Step 9

After all the twists are undone, it’s time to fluff! Before you grab that pick, use your hands to separate the twist a bit more

Using your pick, fluff your hair from your roots so that you won’t disrupt the curl. Continue to pick and fluff until you reached desired volume

The more you seperate and pick your hair twist, the bigger volume you will have. Also, that means your hair may not last as long throughout the week

And You’re Done!

Mane Style Blog Natural Hair

I love this style. It literally took me less than 30 min to do and it was dry by the next morning. I owe the success of this style to Mielle Organics Pomegranate and Honey Twisting Souffle. My hair has so much hold and definition even without having hours to dry. It smells so gooood too! Be sure to check my IG Video on how I did this style.

Have you tried any products from this line? Let me know below and if you are going to try this style!