5 Tips to Overcome Post-Grad Blues | It’s More Than Just Landing Your Dream Job

Let me just start this off by saying, #thestruggleisreal. Post-graduate depression (or post-grad blues as I like to call it) is really real. It’s not an easy feeling to process or get over. 

Mane Style Post Grad Depression

When we think about post-grad depression we immediately think the source comes from not having a job or for better words...your dream job. When we walk across that stage our goal is to land that job and be financially secure. You know…bring in the coins so we can live this lavish life that we always dreamed of.

However, I’m here to say that post-grad depression is so much more than that. Just as life is more than just having a job. 

There are several unspoken levels to post-grad depression. I know for a fact because I’ve had the ideal job/internship and still would be randomly hit by the not-so-pleasant reminder that I’m a college grad and depressed. 

P.S. The following points may get a little sad but it’s the truth.

Post-grad blues is about moving back home to a small town and struggling with finding a career due to limited opportunities. It’s about having plans of getting your own place but still having to stay with your parents for a few years. Or it’s even moving to a new city miles away where it’s uncomfortable and you feel isolated. 

Post-grad blues is growing about being apart from friends that you’ve been so close with the last 4 years. Or not being in close a vicinity to your crew on those rough days where you just wanna go chill with them and laugh to lighten your mood. Post-grad blues is a romantic relationship dynamic changing from being together nearly everyday to now struggling with long-distance. It’s even about you and your partner possibly struggling because you both may not be where you want to be in life and it’s straining your relationship. 

Post-grad blues is about feeling purposeless in life because you went from being heavily involved on campus to now going through the motions of life (work, eat, sleep, & repeat).  It’s about falling into the comparison trap of your colleagues because they’ve reached their goals and you’re still at square 1. 

Post-grad depression can sadly be landing the job of your dreams and 6 months down the line starting to feel unfulfilled. Now you’re questioning rather you’ve wasted all those years in school for nothing and you’re lost on your passions.

To be honest, myself or those close to me have experienced at ;east one or two of these obstacles. Maybe God is using me to share these unspoken truths of post-grad life. I knew that was life was going to change but not like this. Just as we graduated high school and did not have much preparation,  we weren’t prepared for this real real world or these feelings either.

I wish there could be some sort of exit course to help us navigate through this and not just be so heavily focused on our careers. Wishful thinking that someone will. Until then, here are 5 things to remember to help overcome the post-grad struggle:

Mane Style Blog post Grad Depression

1. Remember your best days are NOT behind you! Yes, college may have been some of the best days of your life but there is much more in store for you! You have other awesome moments waiting for you that can’t even compare to your college experience. 

2. Give yourself time to adjust! A friend of mine actually shared this tip with me and it gave it me a totally new perspective on post-grad life. Just as we had to take the time to adjust to being in school we are going to have to take the time to adjust being out of it. 

3. Relax! This is my number 1 tip. If you just graduated, this tip is for you especially. Just relax, love. I know you’re eager to start bringing in the coins but take a second to breathe. You’ve been in school all your life. Take time to enjoy this bit of freedom you have before you start working or writing that 15-page grad paper.

4. Focus on your craft or learn a new hobby! Learning a new skill will help pass the time away or remove your focus from the woes of post-grad life. All the energy you’re putting into worrying or stressing can go towards something positive. And who knows you may find you a little side hustle! 

5. Find an Accountability Partner! This year, I’ve learned about the importance of accountability. When you are in a period of struggling, it's important to find someone that you can trust and confide in. You need someone that you’re comfortable enough to go to and get things out of your head and keep you on your toes. You shouldn't have to go through this alone. 

Bonus Tip: Stay off the gram! Just take a break from social media, period. Social media is the deathtrap to a road of comparison and it happens unconsciously. If you find yourself scrolling and feeling down..log out. You may just need to unplug and get yourself together for a few.  I’m an avid social media break taker. It works, trust me. I challenge you to try it and see how it makes you feel!

Most importantly, just remember that you are not alone. Your friends and thousands of others college grads are experiencing the same thing. This trouble won’t last always! 

For anyone who may be experiencing these same sentiments, I am always here to be an open ear and talk <3

Share below what do you practice to overcome post-grad blues?