From Drab to Fab | Revamp Old Hair into Flexirod Set

Not to toot my own horn but I am the queen of revamping my old hair into a popping look. This time I decided to transform an old braid & curl into a flexirod set. I love doing my hair on old styles because my hair has already been stretched without me having to implement heat. That’s a win!

All you need is your favorite setting foam, oil, spray bottle, and flexirods. Check out how I do this flexirod set to revamp my old natural hair. Let’s go!

Mane Style Blog Flexirod Set

P.S. I started this style on a 4 day old braid & curl

Step 1

Section Hair into 4’s for easy detangling and twisting (as always)

Step 2

Divide sections into smaller sections to begin rodding process. Sections should be big enough for you you to comfortably put your flexirod in place.

Step 3

Lightly dampen hair to reactivate products from previous style and finger detangled

Add your fave setting foam and of course focus on those ends girl. I used my denman brush to further detangle my ends and get the product all the way through

I used Creme of Nature’s Style & Shine Foaming Mousse

Step 4

Time to rod that hair! You want to start at your ends and roll up about 1-2 inches up making sure that you tuck your ends. Once you have those ends tucked, you will start to twirl the rod up to get the spiral effect. Sometimes you may have to use two hands to ensure this technique. Watch my IG video for help!

Continue to detangle each section, add foam, and roll your hair until every strand has a rod!

I ended up having about 20 flexirods.

MS Blog Flexirod Set

Step 5

SInce I did this style on stretched hair, I decided to opt out of sitting under the dry and went straight to sleep. Of course, I threw my bonnet and silk scarf on before I hit the pillow & I said a little prayer for it to be dry in the Am!

Step 6

Prayers answered and my hair was dry the next morning! Before taking down ANY style, I always (always, always, always) use a light oil to keep frizz to a minimum. So of course, I used my beloved argan oil. Drop a little bit into your palms and get to work.

P.S. You literally need only like a little drop of oil because we don’t want our hair to get oily.

Step 7

Gently unwind each making sure not to disrupt the curl pattern. It’s kind of hard to explain but basically it should fall in the opposite way that you rolled your hair. Place close attention to the ends when you’re unwinding because that’s where the curl is.

3 (2).png

Step 8

After gently unwinding each flexirod, it’s time to separate the curls. You want to make sure to twirl your hair to maintain the curl at the bottom. They key is not to disrupt the curl!

Step 9

Now it’s time for my favorite part as always…it’s time to grab that pick and fluff! You can fluff as much as you like or not at all. Lay those edges too while you’re at it. You can even add in some cute accessories.

And You’re Done!

Shoutout to Creme of Nature Style & Shine Foaming Mousse for being one of my holy-grail foams! It has never failed me and it clearly didn’t with this style. My hair lasted for three days which is pretty awesome for doing it on stretched hair. I definitely will be doing this style again.

What are you go-to styles on old hair? Let me know below and if you are going to try this style!