#ManeCrushMonday w/ Ariel

Happy Monday! 

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Mane Crush Monday- Ariel

Mane Style: How long have you been natural?

Ariel: I've been natural for 6 years in January 2017! Longest 6 years of my life. Haha 

MS: What are your go-to hairstyles?

A: My go-to hairstyles would have to be twistouts and halo twist. I'm trying to stay away from ponytails. 

MS: Do you have any holy-grail hair products?

A: Yes! The freaking Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Cream! I can't live without it! I use it with every single style! 

MS: Describe your personal style?

A: Uhhh, I'm sort of free. I'll wear and do anything! My style changes daily! Lol. I love to be comfortable and edgy. 

MS: What clothing store(s) could we find you in, mostly?

A: I'm ALWAYS in forever 21!! ALWAYS! I'd be in fashion nova if Kentucky had a store here. 

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MS: If you couldn’t live without one thing in your closet what would it be?

A: I couldn't live without sneakers! I LOVE sneakers!! I'd have to have my nikes. Lol 

MS: Does your outfit for the day reflect how you wear your hair? Or vice versa?

A: Yup! I always have to figure out how I'm gonna wear my hair in order to decide what I'm wearing! Lol. My outfit depends on my hairstyle. 

MS: Just for fun, who are your top three #WCW or just women who inspire you?

A:  BeautyByLee (I love that girl!!!), FroGirlGinny (her hair is AMAZING), Jhene Aiko (she's my sister in my head). All of these women have amazing souls 

Mane Crush Monday- Ariel

MS: If you could share one of piece advice with readers, whether it be about style or hair, what would it be?

A: BE YOU!!! Don't worry about what others say or think. If you love it, do it!! Took me a while to get here but I'm finally here! It's amazing! 

Mane Style: How can we connect with you? (Social media pages, blogs, etc.)

Ariel: Instagram- @arielvscupcake_ | Snapchat- Arielvscupcake | YouTube- Ariel cupcake