#ManeCrushMonday w/ Sierra Shante

Another Monday, Another #ManeCrushMonday!

It brings me great pleasure to share this week's crush Sierra Shante with you. Not only is she a friend of mine but she has been an inspiration to me because she is a total #GirlBoss in the making! 

Here's a snippet into Sierra Shante's life: "I’m what I like to call a “classic Gemini”, you know, indecisive, gorgeous, brilliant and hilarious. Food just so happens to be a major part of my life, I consider myself to be a culinary enthusiast. Also, a lot of people do not know but I’m an awkward black girl."- Sierra Shante

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MS: How long have you been natural?

Sierra Shante: I have been natural for about 3.5 years.

MS: What are your go-to hairstyles?

SS: My go to hairstyles are wash and go’s, two classic puffs and sometimes a curly Mohawk when I have time.

M: Do you have any holy-grail hair products?

S: Organix is the God of all products for my hair. Coconut oil, Argan oil and olive oil are bae too.

MS: Describe your personal style?

S: My style is indescribable really. What I wear usually depends on my mood. The best thing about my style is that I can take something simple and make it my own. The condition of my hair usually determines what I wear.

MS: What clothing store(s) could we find you in, mostly?

SS: Unfortunately, Forever21, I try to stay away from that place, but they have pieces in there that I just cannot pass up on. However, I have taken a break on physically going into stores, I find myself in thrift stores more now. I often go buy tees from black owned businesses through www.afro-arts.tumblr.com 

MS:If you couldn’t live without one thing in your closet what would it be?

SS: I could not live life without my “Call It Spring” bought Industrial platform boots. They are sort of like the classic Timberland boot but not totally. However, they are perfect to wear in any weather, and it’s a tomboy shoe with a touch of girly.

MS: Does your outfit for the day reflect how you wear your hair? Or vice versa?

SS: Definitely! My hair determines how my day is going to go, let alone what I wear. That’s why I try to make sure my hair looks good for me majority of the time.


MS: Just for fun, who are your top three #WCW or just women who inspire you?

SS: This is so easy. I love Olori Swank, Angela Simmons and Tracee Ellis Ross. They slay, pray and handle their business.

MS: This interview just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t talk about your upcoming show, Seasons of Sierra: #RealTalkHoney. What was your inspiration and what can viewers expect?

SS: My Snapchat followers really encouraged me to get on Youtube (I haven’t just yet, but will very soon). From funny clips to #RealTalk snippets that I have as well, my followers always reach out to tell me how funny I am, and how what I have to say is real. Also, spontaneous, yet hilarious things always happen in my day-to-day life, things people would not believe! I just wanted to share that with the public. I also wanted to give people a look inside of my life. Many don’t often get to see my funny personality, only my close family and friends know how goofy I can be.

MS: If you could share one piece of advice with readers, whether it be about style or hair, what would it be?

SS: Don’t feel as if you have to label yourself or fit into a mold just because that’s how society is. For example, in high school, I battled with trying to figure out where I fit in. Sometimes I was the funny friend, the quiet one, and sometimes the creative. It wasn’t until recently that I decided that I wasn’t just one thing, but I was many things and that is what made me different and great; my ability to be multi-dimensional. You know, my versatility. That goes for hair and your personal style too. It doesn’t have to be just one thing. But then again, it doesn’t have to be a “thing” at all. It can just be you.


Mane Style: How can we connect with you?

Sierra Shante: Twitter: @SierraShante & @RealTalkHoney | IG: @SierraShante | Snapchat: @Sierra_Shante | Blog: Realtalkhoney.com