Not So Normal Wash Day Routine


I wanted to start bringing you guys hair tutorials on various styles that I do. But leave it up to me for the first tutorial to be not so normal. I say this is "not so normal" because on this wash day I didn't follow through with my normal procedure or use my go-to products. I only had a limited amount of products with me so I had to make it work with what I had and make a miracle out of my hair. I could've waited to wash my hair but as you'll see I had to show my hair some serious TLC ASAP. Now lets get into this not so normal wash day:

**Warning: Hair & Eyebrows may scare you, lol**

Step 1. I started off with very dirty hair that I had been bunning for about a week and a half. Low buns have been my go-to, lately. Now I normally don't go this long without cowashing or shampooing but hey its the summer!

Step 2. I section my hair into 4's with large clips to make the washing process A LOT easier. This helps especially when my hair is already in a tangled mess.

Step 3. Time to wash! I washed each section with Creme of Nature: Argan Oil Shampoo in warm water. After washing, I make sure to keep my hair in its section. Sectioning just makes everything easier, trust me!

Step 4. So you're probably wondering is that a t-shirt on my head? Why yes it is! I use a t-shirt instead of a towel to dry my hair because towels take out the moisture in our hair. 


Step 5. Here's one of the most important steps of the process (no matter if its a normal wash day or not): DEEP CONDITIONING! I used Shea Moisture JBCO Masque and used a little Shea Moisture Castor Oil on my scalp & placed a plastic cap over my head. Normally, I would sit under a heated dryer but no luck with that this time so I just let it marinate under the cap for about 30 mins.

Step 6. I just simply rinsed the conditioner out in cold water (retains moisture) still in sections while using a shower comb to detangle. 

Step 7.  After rinsing out the conditioner, I sprayed in  Creme of Nature: 7 In 1 Leave-In for my leave-in conditioner. I love this leave-in because it protects you hair from heat, detangles, and adds shine!

Step 8. Since I was doing a twistout, I wanted to let my hair dry a little bit before I began twisting. I think my results come out better on damp hair vs. hair that's soaking wet. So I air dried back in sections for about a1 hr & 30 mins.


Step 9. Once my hair was damp, I began to twist. And of course, I left my hair in sections to twist. I used Lottabody: Curl & Style Milk  (one of my go-tos) as my styler and just did simple two strand twist.

Step 10. I placed 4 medium-sized twist in each section leaving 16 twist in total. After twisting, I placed a bonnet on my hair and let my hair begin to dry. 

Step 11. Normally, I would let my hair dry overnight but since I had to go somewhere that night it dried for about 6 hours. TIP: Styling on damp or dry hair shortens drying time if you can't wait overnight. I used Coconut Oil to coat my fingers to reduce frizz while unraveling the twist. 

Step 12. All the twist have been unraveled! Even though my hair only dried for only a couple of hours, the Lottabody: Curl & Style Milk  provided my hair with great definition without using any gel. 


13. Pick! Pick! Pick! I am not a fan of flat hair and I don't mind a bit of frizz so I like to use my pick to add some volume.

14. Here's my results after fluffing and picking my hair. And I added a side part and used a little Eco Styler to gel down my edges.

15. I'm not quite done yet. I actually do a lot more fluffing and picking because I love love love big hair! I just continued to do this until I got the exact volume that I wanted. Voila, the twistout is complete!

16. I just wanted to show you how I slept in this style. I piled my hair into a pineapple using a hair scrunchie and placed a silk bonnet over my hair. 


Despite not having my wash day norms, my twistout still came out to my liking. I'll be uploading my normal wash day routine pretty soon so you can see the differences in the like prepooing and all that good stuff. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you think! 

Disclaimer: All of the products were purchased with my own money and this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.