#ManeCrushMonday w/ Tyyanna

Happy Mondays loves! I'm back again with another #ManeCrushMonday with the lovely Tyyanna! Enjoy 

Here's a snippet into Tyyanna's life: 

"Born in Atlanta, Ga. I am a junior at the University of West Ga, majoring in Sports Management. I am a lover of life and plan on living it to the fullest!"- Tyyanna


Mane Style: How long have you been natural?

Tyyanna: Surprising to most people, I have been natural my whole life lol. I used to wear my hair straight a lot so I guess most people thought it was relaxed. About 2 years ago, my freshman year of college I started to embrace my curls and now I prefer them over any hairstyle.

MS: What are your go-to hairstyles?

T: I have two go-to hairstyles but they are definitely wash-n- go and a low sleek bun. These are just two hairstyles I think I’ve perfected and I love the way they look. Well most times lol.

MS: Do you have any holy-grail hair products?

T: Uhhhhh…. I would say my Shea Moisture curl and style pudding and my ECO styler gel. I seriously use those two for every hairstyle. I love the way the curl and style pudding makes my hair feel and the ECO styler gel slays my edges lol.

MS: Describe your personal style?

T: I have never really thought of a way to describe my personal style. My clothes kind of reflect my mood for the day. I would say I am more of a minimalist in a way. I love neutral colors that I can pair with anything. I love black, white, gray, and nudes the most and sometimes a pop of color.

MS: What clothing store(s) could we find you in, mostly?

T: I am more of an online shopper because you can always find amazing deals. My favorite online site would have to be boohoo.com but I love Forever 21, and Old Navy.

MS: If you couldn’t live without one thing in your closet what would it be?

T: Probably my olive green bomber jacket. I love this jacket so much. I can literally wear it with anything I put on and it looks amazing!!!

MS: Does your outfit for the day reflect how you wear your hair? Or vice versa?

T: My hair mostly reflects my outfit of the day. If I’m not really feeling my hair that day I usually don’t want to get dressed. I’ll just throw on something comfortable with not much thought and call it a day.

MS: What is the inspiration behind your YouTube channel, Knowing Monet?

T: I actually changed the name to TyyannaMonet just because I wanted to start to make it more of a brand but I wanted to use it as an outlet. I’ve always been kind of closed off and more to myself so I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and do something that I know not many people would do. I wanted to put myself out there and just enjoy the experience. I also wanted to help inspire younger girls who may be plus size and just young women in general that if you have a dream and you have a passion for something to just go for it. You shouldn’t let people tell say that just because of your size or the way you look stop you from achieving anything. A lot of people looked at me funny and still do when I tell them that I have a YouTube channel and ask so many questions as to why I started it but not really in a supportive way but I just smile and keep it pushing. 


MS: If you could share one piece of advice with readers, whether it be about style or hair, what would it be?

T: I had to learn that everyone isn’t going to see your dream and that’s okay because it’s not their dream to see. I just want my subscribers to take on that same attitude and be bold and beautiful and take on the world.  

 Mane Style: How can we connect with you? (Social media pages, blogs, etc.)

Tyyanna:   You can connect with me on IG, Twitter, Snapchat and of course my YouTube channel at TyyannaMonet 

Hey loves! If there are any specifics topics you want me to cover or any questions you want answered comment below or send an email to manestyleblog@gmail.com (: