#ManeCrushMonday w/ Jasmin

Happy Monday lovelies! Monday isn't complete without a #ManeCrush. Check out upcoming fashion designer Jasmin and her crown!

mane crush monday jasmin

Mane Style: How long have you been natural?

Jasmin: I shaved my head about 2 years and a few months ago. It was such a refreshing experience honestly.

MS: What are your go-to hairstyles?

J:  My go-to hairstyles are the “bun”, my legendary wash-n-go, my wash-n-go with my bangs pushed out of my face and my huge fro’d blow out.

MS: Do you have any holy-grail hair products?

J:  Lol, I actually get asked this a lot. I personally feel that I need to try new products, but, I gave the curl enhancing smoothie by Shea Moisture another try and I love it ! I also love, the indian clay mask, tresemme naturals conditioner and olive oil smooth control styling jelly. I almost forgot about tresemme curls mousse #4 !

MS: Describe your personal style?

J: My personal style is based upon defeating the odds of an afro latina. For one, I wear my afro 24/7, unless I’m having a college bummy day. I am the 80’s view of futurism and I am an extreme vintage head.

MS: What clothing store(s) could we find you in, mostly?

J: I am a designer, so I make most of my clothing from scratch. I am also a huge thrifter, I just scored these amazing Levi jeans at mobile vintage. You can find me at any thrift store, soho side stores, or your average h&m. Maybe once in a blue at forever 21, lol.

MS: If you couldn’t live without one thing in your closet what would it be?

J: I could never live without my “skippies”. I personally need to stack up for the summer, ha ha. Skippies takes me way back as if I am a young 20 year old in the 80’s. It is literally the perfect pair of shoes with any outfit.

mane crush monday

MS: Does your outfit for the day reflect how you wear your hair? Or vice versa?

J: OMG, not every day is great hair day and if I’m not having a great hair day, trust me, my outfit is not on point. But if my hair is on point, girl! I’ll feel so spicy and fresh, with my cute skippies, tight jeans and a great crop top.

MS: Just for fun, who are your top three #WCW or just women who inspire you?

J: In all honestly, Erykah Badu has my heart, she is just a huge inspiration on my style but also on how free I can be. My second all-time favorite has to be Queen Latifah she brings the woman power out in me. Last but not least, my grandmother, who passed away a few years ago. She taught me so much about life and how precious it is.

MS: If you could share one piece of advice with readers, whether it be about style or hair, what would it be?

J: For all the amazing viewers, no matter what situations you go through in life, remember who you are and love yourself till your last breathe. Believe in your craft, never doubt yourself and rock your afro as big as you want. Take every moment you have and cherish it, you never know when things might change or switch up on you.

Mane Style: How can we connect with you?                

Jasmin: Instagram: jasmin.era | Clothing line: jasminnextdoor | SnapChat: jasminnextdoor