#ManeCrushMonday w/ Fedorah

Happy #ManeCrushMonday!

Kick your fall off with this beauty Fedorah and her fab curls!

Here's a snippet into Fedorah's life:

"I was born in raised in Queens, New York but I currently reside in Washington, D.C. I am 28 years old and I am currently pursuing my masters in intelligence studies. "- Fedorah

Mane Style Fedorah

Mane Style: How long have you been natural?

Fedorah: I big chopped in 2011 and have been embracing my curls ever since.

MS: What are your go-to hairstyles?

F: Well due to the fact that I play with color, I tend to keep the manipulation to my hair to a minimum. I do not do a lot of styles I keep it very simple and just let my hair be most of the time. I deep condition on the go a lot so I tend to keep my hair in two braids while my hair soaks up the moisture from the deep conditioning mask; I usually throw on a baseball cap on top and run my errands. 

I sleep in a pineapple at night for the most part, it's a high messy bun or my routine wash n go.

MS: Do you have holy-grail hair products?

F: Shea Moisture is the brand that I stick to the most. Right now I am using their Peace Rose Oil line and I am loving the way it makes my hair smell and feel. I even got a few compliments from bearded men on the way my hair smelled and it was right after I started using this line.

MS: Describe your personal style?

F: My personal style is very tomboy chic and comfortable. I dress for comfort now so I usually try to find ways to bring out my girly side but at the same time be my comfortable tomboy self.  For example, pairing a tight pencil skirt  with a crew neck or something like that; Or even wearing a turtle neck with some jeans and add some knee high boots to make it pop.  (You can still be cute even covered up in a turtle neck.)


MS: What clothing store(s) could we find you in, mostly?

F: Topshop, Nike, and Zara.

MS: If you couldn't live without one thing in your closet what would it be?

F: Being on the thicker side, it's very hard to find a good pair of denim that fits so I will have to say my J Brand jeans.

MS: Does your outfits of the day reflect how you wear your hair? Or vice versa?

F: My hair will definitely reflect my outfit depending on the type of hair day I am having. If it's a bad hair day then you will most likely see  me in workout clothes or leggings with a baseball cap on. If it's a good hair day then I tend to dress up with my curls since they want to behave every once in a while. 

MS: Just for fun, who are your top three #WCW or just women who inspire you?

F: My first one will be my mother and I don't want to sound cliche but she is really my everything. She is so supportive in everything I do and breaks away from the typical Haitian parent stereotype of imposing certain lifestyles and beliefs on me.

My second is FroGirlGinny, she has accomplished so much at such a young age and she inspires me everyday with her fun vibes and positivity. I've watched her and her brand grow and I feel blessed to have been apart of that.

Lastly I will say all my supporters who write me positive emails and comments on how my hair advice has helped them. I feel so refreshing knowing I helped someone and how something as simple as a hair tip can change someone's life. I got an email a few months back from a natural who was having a hard time finding a hair salon in the New York area. She had recently moved from Atlanta and had expressed to me she was was considering going back because she had a hard time maintaining her hair. Think about it, this girl was ready to move back home! Do you see how deep rooted this hair issue is? By me simply referring her to my salon she expressed to me that she had reconsidered moving back home. Crazy how one piece of advice can change someone's life.   

MS: If you could share one piece of advice with readers,  whether it be about style or hair, what would it be?

F: For hair tips, I would have to say for readers to be patient with their hair. What I mean by that is when transitioning or when trying to reach a certain hair goal you have to give your hair time to adjust to the changes you are putting it through. You can't expect to have amazing curls in three months after putting your hair through intensive heat and perm for years. It's in a way culture shock because we have been training our hair to stay straight for all these years so you have to find ways to embrace your hair through all its stages. I use to fight my hair and let my hair make so many decisions about my day and attitude and now I just work with it. When my curls don't want to cooperate then I simply throw it in a high bun or two braids and call it a day. Going natural does not have to be a hard process because I personally saw the best results when I just left my hair alone. Keep it simple by getting trims every few months, deep conditioning, straying away from heat, and hydrating. 

Mane Style: How can we connect with you?

Fedorah: You can link me through my Instagram and Snapchat which are both @namedafterahat.