Something New For My 'Do

Something New For My 'Do Haircolor

Change is good, right? 

Sometimes we need a little change or maybe a lot. Just a pick-me-up to add some spice to our life. And I needed one desperately. Which led me to my vibrant new hair color.

 Every time I get bored with my hair it just looks ugly to me. So I tried to think of something that I could do differently. It was either going to be color or a cut. I don't plan on cutting my hair anytime soon, besides a trim, so that really wasn't an option. Color it was. I've had my hair colored like 3 times before this but I wanted to stray away from my normal light brown or blonde highlights. What color would I choose? Hmm.

Whenever you need inspiration for anything, Pinterest is the place to go.  But beware you may become addicted. Back to my hair, I created a board "Something new for my 'do" and just pinned different hair colors that I liked. Different shades of reds and purples (yes, I said purple) really took my interest. After spending several days and nights on Pinterest, I decided I would step out my comfort zone and go with burgundy. 

Where the inspiration for my new color began.

Where the inspiration for my new color began.

I had my ideal color and now is what time to find somebody to dye it. Since I've been natural, it has been #thestruggle to find a stylist that I absolutely love. I really wanted a stylist that would actually handle my natural hair with care. I searched high and low, on Instagram lol, for a stylist. And then I finally found one. 

Charley Milam, Master Stylist, over at Hair Loft Atlanta caught my eye. Her color work was flawless and vibrant along with her luscious and bouncy silk presses. Oh, I was hooked! I could see from the comment sections that her customers loved her too. Next thing you know I was calling to make my appointment for the next day.

So July 29th, I anxiously walked into the Hair Loft Atlanta salon and was ready for my new color. Charley and I introduced ourselves and then she got right down to business. I told her the color I was going for, she showed me some different options, and she mixed up the perfect concoction.

What really captured my heart at the salon, was the simple things as in combing my curls from tip to roots and rinsing in cool water. This showed me that these ladies really know how to take care of natural hair, properly. I knew this was the salon for me. After, I went through the coloring process, shampoo, steam treatment, and all that good stuff it was time for my favorite part. The blowout and silk press.

 My hair was laid! You just had to be there to see it. I was in love with my hair and the salon! I remember telling Charley how satisfied I was with my hair and my struggle with finding a salon that I actually liked. Hair Loft Atlanta is definitely my new hair salon! I'm waiting to go home for a break just so I can go back. And I can't forget about Karma, the former assistant now master stylist, and how awesome she was with my hair! 

Check out an interview with Charley Milam below!

The results from a stylist with blessed hands.

The results from a stylist with blessed hands.


Mane Style:  So Charley, what was your inspiration with behind opening Hair Loft Atlanta? ( I love the salon by the way, it's so chic!)

Charley: My inspiration for opening Hair Loft Atlanta was my passion for healthy hair care. I love being a hair stylist. I get to share my knowledge and skills with clients and make them feel beautiful about themselves and give them confidence about their hair. I also wanted to open of the doors for other young hair stylist to grow in the industry. 

MS: What do you enjoy the most about being a hair stylist?

C:  What I love the most about my job is being able to interact with different people on a daily basis. Every day there is a new challenge or problem to solve. I'm always growing and learning every day in this career. I'm always researching new techniques on how to solve issues such as hair loss, thinning, dandruff, etc so I can improve the health of my clients.

MS: Do you have natural hair? If so, how long have you been natural and what do love the most about it?

C: I am natural. I have been for about 3/4 years. I love the versatility natural hair allows me to have. My hair has more body, volume, length and shine. 

MS: You're a versatile hair stylist that specializes in all hair types, color, cuts, weaves and more. Do you believe that it is important in the industry now to be versatile?

C: I think it is very important to be versatile in this industry. From a business perspective I have a wider range of clients. I'm not doing the same cut or style all day long. I look forward to my color clients that come in and the clients that want fresh cuts keeps me on my toes. 

MS:When you’re not busy slaying hair, what can we find Charley doing?

C: If I'm not behind I'm more than likely at a Falcons game, a sushi spot in Midtown/Buckhead, or at the gym.  

MS:  As a young #GirlBoss, what advice do you have for girls on pursuing their dreams in this industry?

C: My advice for anybody for pursuing a career in Cosmetology is to be educated and get experience. Start out by finishing hair school then become a great assistant to a seasoned stylist. Build confidence in your work and yourself and never stop learning.   


Thank you again Charley for your awesome services! Be sure to check out Hair Loft Atlanta and tell them Asia from Mane Style blog sent you,  trust me you won't be disappointed!